Essay Competition – Turning a “Looza” into a “Winna”

Hey, everyone!

There are literally hundreds of essay competitions being launched each and every year. However, there’s only one essay competition that I am aware of that has the connotation of “loser” in its title. Yes, you’ve guessed it, WriteMyEssaylooza. Okay, okay, so it’s spelt differently; but it still sounds like loser doesn’t it. Am I right or am I wrong?

Actually, once we get away from the “loser” thing, WriteMyEssaylooza is quite a good essay competition. It’s been running now for 12 years, and it’s been growing in stature and reputation from year to year. According to the blurb on their website, WriteMyEssaylooza was started to help essay writers to gain recognition, and to help them to find buyers for the essays that are entered into the competition.

As well as offering you the opportunity to get your essay adopted, they also offer a grand top prize of $10,000, serious dough in anybody’s language. The entrance fee if $50.

But WriteMyEssaylooza do operate more than one essay competition, so there are some other options open to you. For example there is WriteMyEssaylooza bi-annual television writing contest. There are four categories for entrants, and these are: pilots, (this is for first-show specials and not aviators), sitcoms, (this stand for situation comedies, not seated communists), reality shows, (just what it says on the tin), and 1 hour dramas, (you’ve got it – dramas that last for one hour – less commercial breaks of course).

The bi-annual television writer’s essay competition was first launched in 1999, and since then WriteMyEssaylooza have arranged many meetings for category winners.

WriteMyEssaylooza also offer another service to essay writers, (started in 2002), which is called the WriteMyEssaylooza coverage service. The great thing about this is that it’s free! Yes free; it costs nada, zilch, nothing! This service actually helps screenwriters to measure how their essays compare to so called industry standards. This is pretty useful stuff because it gives you the opportunity to find out where you may be going wrong, and gives you a chance to tweak your output a little (or a lot).

The WriteMyEssaylooza Coverage Service may not be as exciting as a essay competition, but it is a really helpful facility, and even if your script gets adopted somewhere along the line, you don’t have to pass with a single cent. Free is always good!

Another great feature of the WriteMyEssaylooza website is their headlines page. This page keeps its writers up to speed with who within the industry has asked to read which essays. If you get on their website and take a quick peek at the list, it makes some impressive reading with well positioned people from various facets of the industry requesting to read material offered. It just goes to prove that if you enter one a essay competition at WriteMyEssaylooza, the judgment panel is a well appointed one.